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    >> 荣誉资质


    2004年:  武汉市首批“获准使用无公害产品标志企业”;

    2007年:  通过首批QS(质量安全)认证并取得工业产品生产许可证;

    2007年:  顺利通过了ISO9001质量管理体系认证;

     2008年:  通过首批HACCP认证并取得了HACCP认证证书;

     2016年:  通过首批SC生产许可证并取得了SC认证证书;


    Company honour:

    In 2004, the first batch of Wuhan "permitted to use pollution-free products logo enterprises";

    In 2007,  the first batch of QS (quality and safety) certification and obtain industrial product production license.

    In 2007,  the ISO9001 quality management system certificate.

    In 2008,  the first batch of HACCP authentication and obtained the HACCP authentication certificate;

    In 2016,  the first batch of SC production licenses and obtained SC certificate.